COURTEAU, Jean-Louis

Canada (1959- )

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Artist; writer; photographer; finds his inspiration while diving; shark conservationist; founder and Director of CIELCentre d’Interpretation des Eaux Laurentiennes (Laurentian Waters Interpretation Center); co-discoverer of submerged First Nations artifacts in Québec; founder of Aquadelic; artist-in-residence of GEERG; coldest underwater artist.

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Born in Montreal, Courteau is self-taught, notwithstanding his college studies in visual art. He admits to skipping more than his share of classes. A passionate lover of nature, he mostly paints land and waterscapes. He immerses himself in his outdoor subjects, soaking up all that surrounds him, especially the light. “Light is what matters, the subject is merely a pretext,” he says, and this is most apparent in Courteau’s underwater scenes. Courteau also writes poetry and life stories.

“Light is what matters, the subject is merely a pretext.” — Jean-Louis Courteau

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