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The Diving Almanac is the only compilation of such diverse and far-ranging information on the world diving community. It is meant to showcase the accomplishments of underwater explorers, scientists, engineers, freedivers and adventurers since Man first plunged into the sea more than six millennia ago.

Although it is the most complete source of diving records, diving history, as well as the only repertoire of the international diving community available today, the Diving Almanac & Book of Records will forever remain a work in progress. Even in 2019, language and cultural barriers, and the absence of a central body of historical and current information, make it difficult to shed light on all of the events that have shaped the course of humanity’s underwater experiences and achievements. Regular updates will thus continue to add to the shared history of divers worldwide.

All of the information on this website was obtained directly from the source or from verified references. However, we are regularly confronted with conflicting dates and unsubstantiated claims of world firsts. The Diving Almanac may thus contain factual errors and omissions, none of which are deliberate or meant to ignore the accomplishments of any individual or group.

Privacy vs. public information

In order to respect the right to privacy of our Who’s Who and of record holders, all of the information and images presented in profiles or record entries were obtained from public sources—including social media—or directly from the personality.

Photos obtained from Facebook are also considered public. Since the Diving Almanac focuses exclusively on the positive contributions and achievements of profiled individuals, we consider any images thus obtained as “Fair Use” because they are meant to show our Who’s Who and record-holders at their best, using images that they themselves publicly shared on the Internet.

We nonetheless attempt to contact living personalities in order to update their biographical information, and to obtain approval for using the image(s). We also try to obtain copyright details whenever possible, including the name of the photographer. In every case, we will gladly replace any image upon request.

We of course welcome and expect requests for modifications to current biographies that may be outdated or contain inaccuracies for which we apologise. If you are featured in the Diving Almanac but haven’t been contacted, please communicate with us so we may occasionally reach out to you for profile updates or to verify information.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Legal reference:
Who Owns Photos and Videos Posted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Law Offices of Craig Delsack, LLC. New York, NY. 2012.

Desktop, laptop and mobile devices

Although the current layout of the Diving Almanac looks best on a desktop computer, the website uses a responsive design on mobile devices. The mobile versions are thus 100% functional, with all of the content fully available for instant reference on the go!

Minimum recommended desktop screen resolution: 1280 x 768

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Frequently asked questions

How do we find new records?

As of June 2019, nearly all of the hundreds of records and firsts presented in the Diving Almanac were researched by our Keeper of Records. About half of the entries come from his extensive book collection on scuba diving, world history, marine biology and oceanography. The rest comes from various online sources or from direct communication with the record setter. Information from a third party is cross referenced until we are confident that it is sufficiently reliable for publishing. If you know of a record not listed here, or if you can demonstrate that any of the records on this website are false or outdated, please complete the form on the record submission page.

How often do we update records and firsts?

Entries are updated by the Keeper of Records upon reception of new information, or during periodical reviews.

How are Who’s Who personalities selected?

The criteria to include personalities in the Diving Almanac’s Who’s Who is based entirely on exceptional accomplishment. The following list includes pioneers, explorers, scientists, inventors, multiple award-winning and regularly published photographers and writers, authors, commercial and military divers, conservationists, entrepreneurs, expedition leaders, administrators and entertainers. Many have lead in their respective fields and countries for decades. If you know someone who meets our selection criteria that should be considered for the Diving Almanac Who’s Who, please complete the form on our nomination page. To request a modification to an existing profile, please contact the Editor-in-Chief.