ANGE, Michael R. “Mike”, Ph.D.


Last updated: June 1, 2018 at 20:10 pm

Author and photojournalist; lecturer; speaker; technical diving instructor trainer; advanced diver medic (International Board of Undersea Medicine); AAUS Scientific Diving Instructor; USCG Licensed Master; contributing author, columnist, technical editor (‘01-05) and training editor (’06-09) for Scuba Diving Magazine; editor and columnist of (’09-12); currently a contributing writer for X-RAY Magazine. Mike was the General Manager for Dräger Dive Americas from 1999-2002 and the managing director of Waterproof Diving International’s USA Division from 2003 through 2008 and is currently the Global Brand Manager for Bare Watersports, a Division of Huish Outdoors. He served as the International Training Director for Emergency Response Diving International (’99-04); SSI Global Training Manager Tech XR Division (’09-12); and Diving Safety Officer, Lecturer & Dept. Head, Department of Aquanautics, Texas A&M University. He is a former Training/Safety Board Member at SDI/TDI, SSI, NASE and on the Texas A&M University Dive Control Board (chair 2015-2016).

Mike is the author of Diver Down, Real World SCUBA Accidents & How to Avoid Them (McGraw Hill Publishing); Altitude Diving Manual (SCUBA Schools International); Advanced and Technical Wreck Diving Manual (SCUBA Schools International); TDI Advanced Wreck Diving Manual (International Training); and the SDI/TDI Diving Leadership Manual (International Training).

He is a co-author of the Emergency Response Diver 1 Manual (ERDI); Contributor and Editor of the SSI TechXR Standards and Procedures Manual (SCUBA Schools International); Contributor and Editor of the Emergency Response Diving Standards and Procedures Manual (ERDI, International Training); and Editor of the SSI Cave and Cavern Diving Manual (SCUBA Schools International).

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