Anthony’s Key Resort is founded on Roatan

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[1968] Julio Galindo Sr. and his wife, Cheryl Galindo, welcome their first guests on the island of Roatán, Honduras. Anthony’s Key Resort has since become one of the best known scuba diving venues in the Caribbean. The creators of Anthony’s Key Resort envisioned a small, tropical hideaway that would allow adventurous travelers the opportunity to experience the beauty of Roatán and the Caribbean as nature intended. Fifty years later, the resort still retains an intimacy with its surroundings that is reminiscent of a peaceful island village. Fifty-six wooden bungalows dot the resort’s palm studded hillside and rim its lagoon. Reached by a quick boat ride from the resort’s main grounds, the namesake tiny islet features more bungalows, a pool and spectacular ocean vistas. The award-winning dive resort is also the home of the Roatán Museum (1992) and the Roatán Institute of Marine Sciences, which was founded by the Galindo family in 1989 to preserve the island’s natural resources through education and research.

“We can no longer take for granted that our reefs, lagoons, forests and the life they support can absorb without damage the development the island will inevitably experience. Opportunities for systematic study and research of our habitats should be offered. It is imperative that we preserve what we have.” — Julio Galindo Sr. (1989)

In addition to being a PADI 5-Star Career Development Center, Anthony’s Key Resort operates its own medical clinic and hyperbaric chamber.
Anthony’s Key Resort
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