Beneath the Sea

Last updated: May 15, 2018 at 2:18 am

The BTS Legend of the Sea and Diver of the Year are awarded annually by the Beneath the Sea Diver of the Year Award Program to individuals that are highly respected for their accomplishments in areas affecting the diving community.

For the Diver of the Year award, up to four recipients may be selected from the following categories:

• Arts
• Science – Environment
• Sports – Education
• Distinguished Service

Legend of the Sea

2017 Emory Kristof
2016 PADI
2015 Jean-Michel Cousteau
2014 Eugenie Clark
2013 Ron & Valerie Taylor
2012 Ernie Brooks
2011 Jacques Cousteau
2010 Phil Nuytten
2009 Zale Parry
2008 Sylvia Earle
2007 Stan Waterman

Dive Pioneers

2017 Howard and Michele Hall
2016 Wayne Hasson
2015 Morton and Alese Pechter

Diver of the Year


BALLESTA, Laurent (Arts)
CAMPOLI, Bernie (Service)
SKOMAL, Greg (Science)


BENCHLEY, Wendy (Environment)
LUTZ, Richard A., Ph.D. (Science)
RICHARDSON, Drew, Ph.D. (Service)
ZIEFLE, Bill (Education)


COUSTEAU, Fabien (Science)
INGRAM, Tom (Education)
SAHM, Keith (Service)


BUCKLEY, George (Education)
TOTH, Bonnie (Service)


CUSSLER, Clive (Arts)
FRINK, Stephen (Arts)
ROESSLER, Carl (Service)
STELLA, Joe (Service)


AW, Michael (Arts)
HASS, Peter (Service)
HULTS, Maria (Education)
SCHOLLEY, Barbara (Service)


BRYLSKE, Dr. Alex  (Education)
COOPER, Dr. Richard (Science)
EVANS, Bill (Service)
WATKINS GILKES, Martha (Environment)
HALL, Howard and Michele (Arts)


CHURCH, Cathy (Arts)
SAWYER, Ty (Education)
CORNELL, Paul (Service)


BETTS, Edward A. (Education)
EGSTROM, Dr. Glen (Service)
JONES, Dr. Jose (Education)
SNYDER III, Stewart (Service)
SELISKY, Lee (Service)


ALARY, Danielle (Arts)
ALBRECHT, David (Arts)
ANDERSON, Dick (Arts)
AUERBACH, Paul (Science)
BACHAND, Robert (Service)
BACKER, Terry (Environment)
BALLARD, Robert (Science)
BLANCO, Leandro (Arts)
BOSTON SEA ROVERS, The (Education)
BROOKS II, Ernest (Arts)
BERG, Dan (Arts)
BETTS, Edward A. (Education)
BRIDGES, Lloyd (Lifetime Achievement)
BOWEN, Margaret (Service)
BURKE, Steve (Service)
BUTLER, Glenn (Science)
CALDWELL, James (Service)
CAMERON, James (Arts)
CARPENTER, Scott (Science)
CHATTERTON, John (Education)
CHOWDHURY, Bernie (Education)
COUSTEAU, Jean-Michel (Environment)
DOUBILET, David (Arts)
DRAFAHL, Jack & Sue (Arts)
EARLE, Dr. Sylvia (Legend of the Sea)
EGSTROM, Dr. Glen (Service)
ELLIS, Richard (Arts)
EMMERMAN, Michael (Education)
EVANS, Bob (Science)
FENNELL, Frank (Service)
FINE, John C. (Science)
FOX, Rodney (Arts)
FULLMER, Jack (Education)
GALERNE, André (Pioneer)
GILBERT, Michel (Arts)
GILLIAM, Bret (Education)
GILLIAM, Peter (Pioneer)
GIPSTEIN, Tod (Arts)
HAMILTON, Bill (Science)
HAMMOND, Bill (Service)
HARDICK, Steve (Education)
HARVEY, Guy (Arts)
HASS, Hans (Legend of the Sea)
HASSON, Wayne (Environment)
HENDRICK Sr., Walter (Education)
HENDRICK III, Walter (Education)
HODGE, Bunky (Education)
HOLLIS, Bob (Pioneer)
HUGHES, Peter (Environment)
JAHR, Ray (Service)
JANULIS, Ted (Arts)
JERMAN, Paula (Service)
JONES, Dr. Jose (Education)
KOHLER, Richie (Education)
KRISTOF, Emory (Science)
LAMBERTSON, Christian (Lifetime Achievement)
LEANEY, Leslie (Service)
LOEWY, Nita (Environment)
LONG, Dick (Service)
MARX, Sir Robert (Lifetime Achievement)
McANIFF, John (Service)
MOLINARI, Guy (Service)
MOUNT, Tom (Education)
MYERS, Roy (Science)
NAWROCKY, Pete (Arts)
NUYTTEN, Phil (Science)
ORR, Dan (Education)
PAKAN, Joe (Service)
PARRY, Zale (Arts)
PECHTER, Alese (Arts)
PECHTER, Morton (Arts)
PIERCE, Albert (Education)
POST, Arnold (Pioneer)
ROSE, Carol (Service)
SAMMON, Rick (Arts)
SCALLI, Frank (Service)
SCARR, Dee (Environment)
SEGARS, Herb (Arts)
SELISKY, Lee (Service)
SKILES, Wes (Education)
SNYDER III, Stewart (Service)
STANTON, Mark (Arts)
STEWART, Don (Pioneer)
STEWART, Lance (Science)
STRATTON, Charles (Science)
TAYLOR, Ron (Arts)
TAYLOR, Valerie (Arts)
TUCKER Jr., Ray (Service)
VANN, Richard (Science)
VIDERS, Hillary (Environment)
WARD, Lee (Service)
WATERMAN, Stan (Legend of the Sea)
WATTS, Hal (Education)
WHITE, Ralph (Science)
ZAFERES, Andrea (Education)