BOND, George F., M.D.

USA (1915-1983)

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Researcher in saturation diving and dive table development; developer of the SEALAB missions; a.k.a. the “Father of Saturation Diving;” created the Genesis project in 1957 to prove that humans could withstand prolonged exposure to different breathing gases and increased environmental pressures; made a 52-second, 302-foot buoyant ascent from the forward escape trunk of the U.S. Navy submarine USS Archerfish in 1959; served as the Senior Medical Officer and principal investigator of the US Navy SEALAB program, beginning in 1964; served on the first Board of NAUI; helped establish the Man-In-The-Sea Museum in 1977.

Honours and Awards:

Legion of Merit (1960)
Navy Commendation Medal for heroic, professional, and scientific achievement


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