BOREN, Lamar

USA (1917-1986)

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Underwater photographer and cinematographer; stuntman; instructor; credits include the television series Sea Hunt, several James Bond 007 films, The Old Man and the Sea (1958), Flipper (1963), Namu the Killer Whale (1966), and Day of the Dolphin (1973). His first underwater filming assignment was for the feature film Underwater!, in 1955. He joined the San Diego Bottom Scratchers Diving Club in 1943. Membership of the club required him to dive 30 feet, capture three abalone in one dive, grab a five-foot horn shark by the tail and bring up a “good sized” lobster (1).

(1) p. 327 Hanauer, Eric Diving Pioneers: An Oral History of Diving in America Aqua Quest Publications, Inc., 1994

Honours and Awards:

NOGI Award (Arts, 1974)


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