BÜHLMANN, Albert A., M.D.

Switzerland (1923-1994)

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Physician; specialist decompression science, including lung function and blood circulation, at the Laboratory of Hyperbaric Physiology at the University Hospital in Zürich; the Bühlmann decompression algorithm is used to create decompression tables; tested breathing gas mixtures during the Capshell experiments in the Mediterranean sea in 1966; developed an algorithm to calculate maximum nitrogen loading in the tissues at a particular ambient pressure, including altitude diving (Bühlmann’s ZH-L16 algorithm). The results of Dr.Bühlmann’s research on decompression were published in the book Decompression-Decompression Sickness in 1983. The book has since been used as the main reference for many dive computer algorithms.

Honours and Awards:

Lifetime Achievement Award | DAN (1993)
Oceaneering Award | Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (1977)


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