Deepest dive under ice [Freshwater]

Last updated: April 7, 2019 at 1:55 am

132 m (434 ft) — Kevin Brown (Canada) dove to the record depth under landfast ice during an exploratory dive of Lake Mazinaw, the second-deepest lake in Ontario. Brown completed the dive using a Megalodon CCR and a backup Sidekick CCR on January 27, 2018. The 120-minute immersion was led by Outaouais Tech Divers (PTO), and was supported by Les plongeurs d’épaves techniques du Québec (PETQ) and EPSO dive centre (Gatineau, Québec). It was the first in a series of deep exploration dives as the team searches for First Nations artifacts that may have found their way into the lake as offerings nearly two millennia ago. The 100-m-high (330 ft) Mazinaw Rock escarpment, which towers by the dive site, is adorned with over 260 ancient Ojibwe pictographs. The record was documented by a dive computer and video recording at depth.

Safety and Support Team:
Sébastien Pelletier
Jean-Pierre Richard
Gabriel Benoit-Martin
Steve Doyon
Carl Gingras
Steve Duplessis
Patrick Cyr
Daniel Masson
Jean-Michel Liboiron
Dominique Gingras
Denis Lampron
Mario & Edith Desforges

PREVIOUS RECORD: 72 m (236 ft) – Mario Cyr (Canada) and Éric Levan (France) dove to the record depth under landfast ice during a freediving event in Lake Témiscouata (Québec) in March 1997.

This is also the absolute record for the deepest dive by a human under ice [Freshwater | Ocean | CCR | Open-circuit].
One or more dives have reportedly taken place at equal or deeper depths at Rana, Norway, and Lohja, Finland. Although both sites in Scandinavia begin as ice dives, the divers quickly enter extensive cave systems. During winter conditions, the ice ceiling creates a cave-like environment from the moment of immersion. With the added cave penetration, we consider these dives as extreme ice dives.
Outaouais Tech Divers (PTO)
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