First dedicated liveaboard for scuba divers

Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 15:55 pm

Marisla II – In 1964, Richard Adcock (1924-2012) and his wife Mary Lou transformed the former U.S. Coast Guard buoy tender Columbine in liveaboard dive boat, the Marisla II. A seamount known for schooling hammerhead sharks that is located north of the La Paz and that was first explored by Adcock and a diving companion in 1957 is now referred to as the Marisla Seamount (also known as El Bajo). A nudibranch, Chromodoris marislae, was also named after the Marisla II by Dr. Hans Bertsch in 1973. The Marisla II was in operation until it ran aground in 1999. It was reportedly scrapped after being considered for an artificial reef project in 2001.

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