First all underwater photographer band

Last updated: September 5, 2017 at 20:13 pm

The Wetsuits (2009) – The Wetsuits played their first gig at the Fish and Famous party at BTS in March 2009 with Michel Gilbert on drums, Jonathan Bird on electric guitar/vocals, Leandro Blanco on acoustic guitar/vocals, and Peter Riekstins on bass. The Wetsuits’ second gig was before a live audience of several hundred people following the Saturday evening film festival at Our World-Underwater (Chicago) in February 2010. The next stop on the Wetsuits World Tour was Beneath the Sea 2010 (Meadowlands, NJ), where they rocked the house at the Meet the Fish and Famous fundraiser. The Wetsuits are (present and past): Jonathan Bird (Electric guitar and vocals), Leandro Blanco (Acoustic guitar and vocals), Paul Cater Deaton (Vocals), Michel Gilbert (Drums), Cris Kohl (Keyboards), Michael Lawrence (Bass), Peter Riekstins (Bass), and Danielle Alary (Keyboards).

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