FROST, Honor

United Kingdom (1917-2010)

Last updated: December 21, 2019 at 2:50 am

Pioneer in the field of underwater archaeology; led numerous archaeological surveys and excavations in the Mediterranean Sea, especially off the coast of Lebanon where she lived for many years; expert on stone anchors and archaeological illustrating; began diving in southern France in the late 1940s; member of one of the world’s first scuba diving clubs, the Club Alpin Sous-Marin; participated in her first underwater excavation of a Roman shipwreck at Antheor (France) with Frédéric Dumas; worked with Kathleen Kenyon at the Jericho excavations in 1957; took part in the Cape Gelidonya wreck excavation where she discovered that the wreck was Phoenician, not Mycenean; moved to Lebanon where she conducted multiple site surveys and excavations; conducted a UNESCO survey of the Pharos lighthouse site and submerged ruins at Alexandria in 1968; author of several publications including Under the Mediterranean (1963); namesake Honor Frost Foundation provides funding for underwater archaeology in the Mediterranean.

“Time spent on the surface is time wasted.” — Honor Frost

Women Divers Hall of Fame (2019)
Colin McLeod Award for Furthering international co-operation in diving (BSAC, 2005)
Medal for pioneering submarine archaeology in Egypt (Government of France, 1997)
Fellow (Society of Antiquaries, 1969)

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