USA (1946- )

Last updated: May 2, 2017 at 21:47 pm

Author of 58 books; public speaker; photographer; explorer; expert wreck diver (discovered more than 40 shipwrecks); pioneer in the use of mixed gases in wreck diving; has dove the wreck of the SS Andrea Doria over 200 times; first diver to penetrate the first class dining room of the Andrea Doria; member of the dive team that recovered the Andrea Doria ship’s bell in 1985; published The Advanced Wreck Diving Guide in 1988; published the first book on technical diving, The Technical Diving Handbook; coined the term “gorilla divers” which referred to decompression diving by sport divers before the advent of technical diving; began diving in 1970; served in the 25th Infantry Division during the Vietnam War.

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