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Cinematographer; films include The Deep, For Your Eyes Only, The Abyss, Titanic; has spent an estimated 20,000 hours underwater in scuba gear, submersibles, diving bells and freediving; produced the first professional underwater footage of several animal species, including the white shark and the blue whale; descended 17 times to the Titanic during the filming of the namesake blockbuster film; established a static breath-hold at 11 min. and 42 sec. in 1954; has designed and built dozens of underwater camera housings; recorded the first motion pictures of whales swimming below the surface off the coast of Hawaii in 1965; documented the discovery of a pod of 2,000 blue whales off Northern California in 1995; dove off a boat in an attempt to save a diver caught in the jaws of a 16-foot white shark off the Farallon Islands in 1962.

Honours and Awards:

International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (2000)
DEMA Hall of Fame (1999)
Diver of the Year (Our World-Underwater, 1973)
NOGI Award (Arts, 1972)


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