Largest collection of Sea Hunt memorabilia

Last updated: October 26, 2017 at 2:18 am

Alec Peirce of Toronto (Canada) has assembled one of the largest collections of vintage scuba equipment in North America including every two-hose regulator, every issue of Skin Diver Magazine and dozens of masks, fins, spearguns, gauges, cameras, books and other items dating from the 1950s. He also owns what is considered the largest collection of Sea Hunt and Lloyd Bridges memorabilia anywhere in the world, including every episode of the famous TV series with many on the original film and lots of personal items from Lloyd Bridges himself. Mr. Peirce is the host of the Alec Peirce Scuba Channel on YouTube, which includes Vintage Scuba, Sea Hunt Remembered, and Scuba Tech Tips. He is also the former owner of Scuba 2000.

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