LINK, Edwin Albert

USA (1904-1981)

Last updated: May 30, 2018 at 16:08 pm

Engineer; oceanologist; pilot; industrialist; led archaeological expeditions in the Mediterranean; designed submersible decompression chambers; designed the first submersible (Deep Diver) with an exit hatch (lockout) for divers; designed HBOI’s Johnson Sea Link lockout submersible with its distinctive acrylic bubble for the pilot and forward observer; designed an unmanned Cabled Observation and Rescue Device (CORD) that could free trapped submersibles, after the death of his son aboard the Johnson Sea Link in 1973; invented the first flight simulator known as the “Blue Box” or “Link Trainer,” in 1929; established the The Link Foundation with his wife Marion in 1953.

National Center for Simulation Hall of Fame (2014)
National Aviation Hall of Fame (1976)
Royal Aeronautical Society Wakefield Gold Medal (1947)
Howard N. Potts Medal (1945)

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