Longest snorkel relay [DPV | Arctic Ocean]

Last updated: October 17, 2017 at 21:01 pm

The ten-woman team of the Sedna Epic Expedition snorkeled a combined, uninterrupted distance of 35.12 km (21.82 miles), achieving an average in-water speed of 6.2 kph (3.8 mph) off the coast of Western Greenland on July 24, 2014. The all-female Team Sedna conducted similar relays including a sortie of near-equal duration in the middle of Davis Strait as part of the July 2014 Proof-of-Concept Expedition. The group celebrated the feat with another world first by snorkeling across the Arctic Circle. The members of Team Sedna (2014) were Susan R. Eaton (leader) (Canada), Jill Heinerth (Canada), Becky Kagan Schott (USA), Caroline Bain (Canada), Charlene Barker (Canada), Francoise Gervais (Canada), Ruby Banwait (Canada), Erika Bergman (USA), Emily Dowding-Smith (New Zealand) and Renata Rojas (Mexico).

Witnessed by Diving Almanac & Book of Records official

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