Jeffrey Gallant, M.Sc.

Editor-in-Chief  |  Keeper of Records

Jeffrey Gallant started diving in 1982. He is a diving instructor and shark scientist who has led research and training missions around the world, including Romania where he was trained as an aquanaut in 1995. He first published the Diving Almanac in 2007. [Full bio]

Patricia Hay

Associate Editor   |  Administration

Patsy has been instrumental in founding and maintaining the Diving Almanac since the very first draft was completed in 2005. She has spent countless hours entering and reviewing data, and managing the business.


Head of Advertising
Jeffrey Gallant

Advertising | Europe
Rosemary Lunn
Roz is a Dive Industry Fixer and an OceanPositive Catalyst known throughout the world diving community. She is the founder of The Underwater Marketing Company (TUMC), a co-founder of EUROTEK and several more events and forums on diving. [Full bio]

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Friends of the Diving Almanac

The friends of the Diving Almanac are people and corporations that have given us assistance in the form of knowledge, manpower, logistical support, and media exposure. Their contributions and friendship are priceless. THANK YOU!