Most poisonous fish

Last updated: January 20, 2018 at 4:10 am

The stonefish (Synanceia verrucosa), a.k.a. the reef stonefish, oclap, or dornorn, is a shallow benthic fish with venomous spines that lies in wait camouflaged as a rock. It feeds on small fish and crustaceans. The stonefish ranges in size from 30-45 cm (12-18 in.). Its dorsal area is lined with 13 spines that release a venomous toxin. The venom can cause severe pain, shock, paralysis, and tissue death which can be fatal to humans. Synanceia verrucosa is found in coastal areas of the Pacific and Indian oceans from the Red Sea to the Great Barrier Reef. It may also inhabit the Mediterranean Sea since a single specimen was captured near Yavne, Israel, in 2010.

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