Last updated: December 21, 2018 at 5:44 am

Sales representative for U.S. Divers; popularized the American red and white Diver Down flag after its creation by Denzel “Doc” James Dockery in 1956.

As of December 2018, there is still debate as to who actually created the Diver Down flag. Denzel “Doc” James Dockery gave his side of the story on ScubaBoard in October 2007:

“Ted worked for us after the first flag was discovered to be a flag of Austria and we changed ours to be the diagonal white stripe over a field of red. 5 increments long, 4 increments wide with one increment white stripe diagonal from top left to bottom right. There were only about a dozen flags being used by the Pescadores club. Ted became a member of the club and worked part time as a sales rep for US Divers and also worked for Divers Supply as a summer vendor at the “shanks gravel pit” in Durand, Michigan. His job was to rent Diving equipment, float tubes and fill tanks. When he went full time with US Divers he took our flag with him and sold them clear across the country. He got a 20% commission and did very well. We never tried to protect our creation only promote it.  Ted played a big part in getting the flag known but he did not create it.”

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