NOGI Award

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The Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences (AUAS) is one of the oldest and most prestigious organizations in the diving community worldwide and the NOGI is the oldest and most prestigious award in the diving industry.

The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences is dedicated to recognizing the pioneers and leaders who have made a global impact on the exploration, enjoyment, and preservation of the underwater world and to passing the stewardship of the sea on to future generations.

The NOGI is the oldest and most prestigious award in the diving industry.

The NOGI New Orleans Grand Isle Award is the oldest award and most prestigious award in the diving industry, dating back to 1960. The NOGI Award was originally created by Jay Albanese and Louis Cuccia as sanctioned by the Underwater Society of America (USOA). Each NOGI is a 24-inch high statuette which resembles the Hollywood Oscar statuette, thus earning the title, “the Academy Award of Diving.”

ARTS NOGI: Filmmakers, painters, photographers, sculptors and other artists who bring the majesty of the underwater world to people everywhere.

SCIENCE NOGI: Explorers, inventors, doctors and scientists whose work helps us understand, enjoy and protect our precious underwater realm.

SPORTS/EDUCATION NOGI: Outstanding athletes and teachers who make diving a safe, enjoyable and accessible activity for all who love the ocean.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE NOGI: World-renowned as well as quiet achievers whose contributions keep the wheels of the diving industry and the global diving community turning.

ENVIRONMENT NOGI: People who, beyond their normal paid job, advocated, studied, lobbied, or otherwise helped far beyond anyone else to protect the oceans and the life within. The Environment NOGI was inaugurated in 2012.

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GREENBERG, Jerry (Distinguished Service)
HANAUER, Eric, M.Sc. (Sports/Education)
NEUMAN, Tom, M.D. (Science)
NICHOLS, Wallace, J., Ph.D. (Environment)
SKERRY, Brian (Arts)


BAUER, Sally E., M.D. (Sports/Education)
GERNHARDT, Dr. Michael (Science)
HUGHES, Peter (Distinguished Service)
OGDEN, John C., Ph.D. (Environment)
SNYDERMAN, Marty (Arts)


DAVIS, Chuck (Arts)
INGRAM, Tom (Distinguished Service)
ALLEN, Dr. Gerald R. (Science)
HEINERTH, Jill (Sports/Education)
SALA, Dr. Enric (Environment)


FRINK, Stephen (Arts)
TOTH, Bonnie (Distinguished Service)
COCHRAN, Mike (Science)
CROFT, Bob (Sports/Education)
JONES, Hardy (Environment)


CUSSLER, Clive (Arts)
FOX, Rodney (Distinguished Service)
LUTZ, Dr. Richard (Science)
KIRBY, Bob (Sports/Education)
STONE, Dr. Gregory (Environment)


ELLIS, Richard (Arts)
HANDELMAN, Lad (Distinguished Service)
MACDONALD, Bill (Environment)
VANN, Richard (Science)
HOLLIS, Mike (Sports/Education)


AW, Michael (Arts)
GILLIAM, Bret (Sports and Education)
PARKER, Dave (Distinguished Service)
RAY, G. Carleton, PhD (Environment)
SPENCE, E. Lee, M.H.D. (Science)


DEGRUY, Mike (Distinguished Service)
LOBEL, Phillip, PhD (Science)
STETSON, Ed (Sports and Education)


BUTLER, Frank K. Jr., M.D. (Distinguished Service)
CAMPOLI, Bernie (Arts)
COLIN, Patrick, Ph.D. (Science)
HAMNER, William & Peggy (Sports and Education)


HALL, Michele (Arts)
HAUSER, Hillary (Distinguished Service)
HUMANN, Paul (Sports and Education)
LANG, Michael A. (Science)


ALBANESE, Joseph D. Jr. (DS, 1963)
ANDERSON, Richard (Arts, 1970)
ASTURIAS, Oscar (DS, 1970)
AUERBACH, Dr. Paul (Science, 2007)
AUXIER, Jim (Arts, 1960)
BACHRACH, Arthur J., Ph.D. (Science, 1973)
BALLARD, Robert D., Ph.D. (Science, 1975)
BARADA, Bill (Arts, 1967)
BASS, George, Ph.D. (Science, 1974)
BEHNKE, Albert, M.D. (Science, 1969)
BENCHLEY, Peter (Art, 2004)
BENJAMIN, George, Ph.D. (DS, 1978)
BENNETT, Peter B., Ph.D. (Science, 1980)
BERGMAN, Dewey (S & E, 1977)
BIRKELAND, Dr. Charles (Science, 2008)
BLAKESLEE, Chuck (Arts, 1960)
BOND, Capt. George (Science, 1964)
BONIN, Dick (DS, 1982)
BOREN, Lamar (Arts, 1974)
BOVE, Alfred, M.D., Ph.D. (Science, 1994)
BRIDGES, Lloyd (S & E, 1982)
BROOKS, Ernest H., II (Arts, 1975)
BROWN, Jim (S & E, 1979)
BROWNING, Ricou (Arts, 1996)
BUSH ROMERO, Pablo (DS, 1965)
CAHILL, Jim (Science, 2003)
CAMERON, James (Arts, 1999)
CARDONE, Bonnie (Arts, 2009)
CARGILE, Edward C. (S & E, 2002)
CARPENTER, Scott (DS, 1995)
CHRISTIANSEN, Jim (Science, 1961)
CHURCH, Cathy (Arts, 1985)
CHURCH, Jim (Arts, 1985)
CHURCH, Ron (Arts, 1973)
CLARK, Eugenie, Ph.D. (Arts, 1965 / Sci. 1987)
CLARK, Robert (S & E, 1997)
COOK, Roger W. (Science, 1979)
COOPER, Richard A., Ph.D. (Science, 1982)
COUSTEAU, Capt. Jacques-Y. (DS, 1966)
COUSTEAU, Jean-Michel (Science, 1993)
COUSTEAU, Philippe Pierre (Arts, 1977)
CRAIG, Lt. Col. John D. (Arts, 1997)
CRONIN, John (DS, 1985/S & E, 2001)
CROSS, Ellis E.R. (S & E, 1975/ DS, 1992)
CUCCIA, Louis R. (DS, 1967)
CURTSINGER, Bill (Arts, 2007)
DALLA VALLE, Gustav (S & E, 1962)
DAVIS, C. B. “Ben” (DS, 1961)
DAVIS, Helen Turcotte (S & E, 1983)
DAVIS, Jefferson, M.D. (S & E, 1981)
DAVIS, Ralph (S & E, 1967)
DAYTON, Paul, Ph.D. (Science, 2004)
DELAUZE, Henri G. (DS, 2004)
DILL, Robert, Ph.D. (Science, 1977)
DOUBILET, David N. (Arts, 1978)
DRAKE, Harold (S & E, 1971)
DUGAN, James (Arts, 1962)
DUMAS, Frederic (DS, 2000)
EARLE, Sylvia A., Ph.D. (Science, 1976)
EDGERTON, Harold, Ph.D. (Sci., 1970)
EGSTROM, Glen, Ph.D. (DS, 1969 / Sci. 1981)
EMPLETON, Bernard (S & E, 1973)
ERNST, John (S & E, 1965)
EVANS, Bob (S & E, 2004)
FALCO, Albert (DS, 1999)
FAVER, Jack (Science, 1961)
FEAD, Louis M. (S & E, 1980)
FEINBERG, Walter (DS, 1971)
FENNELL, Frank (S & E, 1992)
FINE, John Christopher (S & E, 1993)
FINKLE, Elliott, Ph.D. (DS, 1983)
FISHER, Melvin (S & E, 1978)
FRESHEE, Rick (Arts, 1981)
GAFFNEY, Jon (S & E, 1989)
GAGNAN, Emile (DS, 2002)
GALERNE, Andre (DS, 1988)
GEISZLER, John (S & E, 1981)
GIDDINGS, Al (Arts, 1972)
GIMBLE, Peter (Arts, 1971)
GOWER, Mike, (DS, 2009)
GRAVER, Dennis K. (S & E, 1990)
GRIFFIS, Nixon (DS, 1981)
GRIGG, Richard W., Ph.D. (Science, 1999)
GROSVENOR, Melvin, Ph.D. (DS, 1975)
HALL, Howard W. (Arts, 1993)
HAMILTON, R. W. Bill, Ph.D. (Science, 1995)
HARDY, Jon (S & E, 1988)
HARVEY, Guy C., Ph.D. (Arts, 2004)
HASS, Hans, Ph.D. (Sci. 1998 / DS, 1998)
HAUBER, Carl H. (DS, 1960)
HENDRICK, Walt “Butch”, Jr. (S & E, 2009)
HENDRICK, Walt, Sr. (S & E, 1985)
HIGH, William (S&E, ‘64 / Sci. ‘91 / DS ‘07)
HOLLIS, Bob (Science, 2001)
HURTADO, Genaro (Arts, 1982)
ICORN, Nick (DS, 1974)
KELLER, Hannes (Science, 2009)
KILBRIDE, Bert (S & E, 1987)
KLEIN, Sr., Jordan (Arts, 1991)
KOBLICK, Ian G. (DS, 1990)
KRISTOF, Emory (Arts, 1987)
LAMBERTSEN, Christian J., M.D. (Sci. 1971)
LANPHIER, Edward, M.D. (Science, 1963)
LEANEY, Leslie (S & E, 2003)
LENTZ, Terry (S & E, 1968)
LILLIS, Mary Edith (S & E, 1963 / DS, 1994)
LIMBAUGH, Conrad (Science, 1978)
LINK, Edwin (Science, 1965)
LITTLEHALES, Bates (Arts, 1976)
LONG, Richard W. (S & E, 1991)
MACINNIS, Joseph, M.D. (Science, 1972)
MARDEN, Luis (Arts 1963) (D)
MARX, Robert F. (DS, 1976)
McANIFF, John J. (DS, 1962)
McKENNY, Jack (DS, 1977 / Arts, 1988)
MEISTRELL, Bill (D) and Bob (S&E 2007)
MILLER, James W., Ph.D. (Science, 1986)
MORGAN, Bev (Arts, 1990 / S & E, 1995)
MOUNT, Tom (S & E, 2000)
MURPHY, Geri (Arts, 2001)
MURPHY, Richard, Ph.D. (S & E, 1998)
NEWBERT, Chris (Arts, 2003)
NICHOLSON, Christopher (Science, 1992)
NICKLIN, Charles (S & E, 1975 / Arts, 1986)
NICKLIN, Flip (Arts, 1994)
NORTH, Wheeler, Ph.D. (S &E, 1974)
NUYTTEN, Phil, Ph.D. (Science, 1997)
ORR, Dan, M.S. (S & E, 1996)
OSTERHOUT, Ralph (DS, 1984)
OWEN, David M. (Science, 1962)
PARRY, Zale (DS, 1973)
PAWLOWICZ, T. F. “Duke” (S & E, 1970)
PECHTER, Alese (DS, 2003)
PECHTER, Mort (DS, 2003)
PERRY, Jr., John H. (DS, 1986)
PETERSON, Mendel (Arts, 1983)
PHINIZY, Coles (Arts, 1964)
PICCARD, Hon. Jacques, Ph.D. (Sci. 1967)
PYLE, Richard, Ph.D. (Science, 2004)
RANDALL, John E., Ph.D. (Science, 2000)
RAWLINS, John, Surgeon V-Admiral (DS ‘96)
REBIKOFF, Ada (Arts, 2000)
REBIKOFF, Dimitri (Arts, 1966)
RECHNITZER, Dr. A.B., (Sci ‘68, DS ‘89, S&E ‘99)
ROESSLER, Carl (Sports and Education, 2008)
RUGGIERI, George, Ph.D. (Science)
SAGALEVITCH, Anatoly M., Ph.D. (Sci. 2002)
SAMMON, Richard M. (DS, 1987)
SCALLI, Frank (DS, 1972)
SCARR, Dee (DS, 2008)
SKILES, Wes (Arts, 2008)
SEFTON, Nancy (Arts, 1984)
SELISKY, Lee (DS, 2004)
SHANKS, Harry (DS, 1980)
SHILLING, Charles, M.D. (DS, 1979)
SHINN, Gene (Science, 1984)
SLATER, Richard A., Ph.D. (Science, 1988)
SOMERS, Lee H., Ph.D. (S & E, 1994)
STEWART, James R. (S & E, 1969)
STITH, David R. (DS, 1968)
STONEMAN, John (Arts, 2002)
SULLIVAN, Kathryn D., Ph.D. (Science, 1996)
TAILLIEZ, Capt. Philippe (DS, 1997)
TALBOT, Bob (Arts, 1995)
TAYLOR, Ron (S & E, 1966)
TAYLOR, Valerie (Arts, 1980)
TEPLEY, Lee, Ph.D. (Arts, 1979)
TILLMAN, Albert (DS, 1964)
TORS, Ivan (Arts, 1989)
TUCKER, E. B. Teddy, M.B.E. (DS, 1991)
TZIMOULIS, Paul (Arts, 1969)
VAN DER AUE, Otto, M.D. (Sci. 1983)
ULLRICH, Arthur H. (S & E, 1976)
VEZZANI, Eugene J.D., Ph.D. (Science, 1960)
VIDERS, Hillary, Ph.D. (DS, 2001)
WALSH, Don, Ph.D. (Science, 1989)
WATERMAN, Stanton A. (Arts, 1968)
WEICKER, Gov. Lowell P., Ph.D. (DS, 1993)
WELLS, J. Morgan, Ph.D. (S & E, 1984)
WHITE, Ralph (Arts, 1992)
WICKLUND, Robert I. (Science, 1990)
WILMS, Birgitte (Arts, 2003)
WORKMAN, Robert M.D. (Sci. 1966)
WYLAND (Arts, 1998)
YOUMANS, George (S & E, 1960)
ZIGAHN, Armand (S & E, 2004)

Wyland ICON Award

The Wyland ICON Award, in conjunction with the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, recognizes the achievements of those who have made a positive difference for our water planet.




MOORE, Capt. Charles




AW, Michael
GILKES, Martha Watkins


ORR, Dan
FRINK, Stephen


BLAKE, Sir Peter
MAYOL, Jacques
WATT, James
WHITE, Ralph


FOX, Rodney