NOHL, Maximilian Eugene “Max”

USA (1910-1960)

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Engineer and designer; dove to 128 m (420 ft) in Lake Michigan in 1937 using a helium-oxygen mixture; built a diving bell named Hell Below in 1933; salvaged the John Dwight prohibition rum runner off Martha’s Vineyard in 1935; founded the Diving Equipment and Supply Company (DESCO) with Jack Browne in 1938; made the first intentional saturation dive by spending 27 hours breathing air at 101 feet with Edgar End in the County Emergency Hospital recompression facility in Milwaukee On December 22, 1938. After five hours of decompression, Nohl with a experienced light DCS requiring recompression; Florida sponge diver; founded the American Diving Equipment Company in 1954; founded Seaboard Excavators in 1958; was killed in a car accident along with his wife Eleanor in 1960.

Honours and Awards:

Early Pioneer (International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame)


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