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Underwater actress and stuntwoman (Sea Hunt, Kingdom of the Sea, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea); photographer; writer; first woman to descend below 200 ft (209 ft / 64 m – 1954); dive instructor; tester of underwater equipment for Scientific Underwater Research Enterprises in 1953; designed and built the first civilian hyperbaric chamber for divers with her partner Parry Bivens; made her screen debut in Kingdom of the Sea in 1954; co-founded the International Underwater Film Festival in 1957; helped train Lloyd Bridges as a scuba diver for Sea Hunt; first elected woman president of the U/W Photographic Society in 1960; co-authored Scuba America Vol. I, the Human History of Sport Diving in America with Albert Tillman.

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Honours and Awards:

Wyland ICON Award (2007)
International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (2002)
Women Divers Hall of Fame (2000)
DEMA Hall of Fame (1993)
NOGI Award (Distinguished Service, 1973)
Diver of the Year (Beneath the Sea)


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