USA (1929-2020)

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Photojournalist; author; teacher; co-author of What’s in the Deep: An Underwater Adventure for Children, the first children’s book using underwater photographs; public speaker. Through their writing and public speaking, Alese and husband Mort helped rebrand scuba diving from a male oriented activity to include women and children. They wrote about all things diving, as well as the world’s top tennis professionals, hot-air balloons, and cruise ship happenings. Their photos and articles appeared in renowned publications such as Life, Time, Newsweek and Forbes Magazine as well as in most scuba magazines.

DEMA Press Release (2014): Alese & Morton Pechter have traveled the globe and spent years documenting their underwater experiences, photographing, displaying their photographs, writing and lecturing, and promoting the world of SCUBA. Throughout their career, they have provided first-hand information and photographs to scientists and writers, as well as media personal, making it possible to promote the underwater world and shift the image of the sport from an elite, male oriented activity to a family-oriented recreational sport for all levels. Long before it was fashionable to promote diving in a way that was attractive to a younger market, the Pechters were paving the way for the industry to reach these young would-be divers. The Pechters have dedicated thousands of hours to teaching children about the underwater world. They entertained, visiting school children along with adult groups to promote ocean conservation. The Pechters’ children’s book, What’s In The Deep, has received public and critical acclaim and was chosen as a Public Broadcasting System Reading Rainbow selection. It was the first ocean-oriented book directed toward young children using actual photographs of the underwater world. During their careers, Alese and Mort contributed to many publication in the diving industry; Underwater USA, Caribbean Travel & Life, Dive Training, Sport Diver, and more. They were elected Fellow National members in the prestigious Explorers Club for their contribution to scientific knowledge in the field of geographical exploration. They are life members of the National Marine Educators Association, the Historical Divers Association and are also members of the Oceanography Society. Alese was elected as a charter member of the internationally-recognized Women Divers Hall of Fame. They were active founding members of the Long Island Science Museum having carried the title of Administrative Vice President of the museum for several years. Among their many awards, the Pechters were honored by the United Nations Environment Programme and recognized by the US Navy as Honorary Deep Sea Divers. They were also honored by the South Florida Police Search & Rescue Teams, were selected as the Photojournalists of the Year in 1996, and were awarded the 2003 NOGI for Distinguished Service.

Beneath the Sea Diver Dive Pioneer (2015)
International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (2014)
DEMA Reaching Out Award (2014)
NOGI Award (Distinguished Service, 2003)
Women Divers Hall of Fame (2000)
Beneath the Sea Diver Diver of the Year (Arts)

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