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Diving Almanac records and firsts are posted under various classifications, including nationality and gender, as well as equipment configurations such as open-circuit and rebreather dives. If you have claim to a diving or underwater record or first, if you know of a record not listed here, or if you can demonstrate that any of the information on this website is false or outdated, please contact us.

The editorial team will review all submissions and respond, or request further information or supporting documents, as soon as possible.

RECORD CERTIFICATION: The Diving Almanac does not supervise nor support record attempts that pose a significant risk to participants, nor do we encourage anyone to make any such attempt. Our mission is solely to document existing records that are either supported by evidence verified by our Keeper of Records, or that have already been certified by another governing body.

Jeffrey Gallant
Keeper of Records
Diving Almanac & Book of Records

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