RULE, Margaret Helen, CBE

United Kingdom (1928-2015)

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Self-taught archaeologist; author; led the team that excavated and raised the Mary Rose, King Henry VIII’s flagship, off Portsmouth, England in 1982; secured funding for the construction of the Mary Rose Museum (Portsmouth) which houses the excavated hull and more than 19,000 artefacts recovered by Rule and volunteer divers over hundreds of dives; accompanied Prince Charles on an exploratory dive of the Mary Rose, which convinced him to become a key patron of the excavation; was involved in Robert Ballard‘s search for the Titanic; chaired a committee supervising the investigation of the wreck of the first HMS Victory (1744); took part in the excavation of a Roman merchant ship off Guernsey; former curator of the Fishbourne Roman Palace; Director of the archaeological committee in Chichester (1961-79); Curator of the Sussex Archaeological Society museum (1968-79); published The Mary Rose: The Excavation and Raising of Henry VIII’s Flagship in 1982; volunteered for excavation work on bomb sites around London during WWII.

Honours and Awards:

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE, 1983)
Honorary doctorate from the University of Liverpool
Honorary doctorate from the University of Portsmouth
Colin McLeod Award (British Sub Aqua Club, 2008)
Caird Medal (National Maritime Museum, 1995)
Mitchell Medal for Engineering (1983)


Mary Rose Trust

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