Japan (1930-2012)

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Pioneer underwater photographer; filmmaker; publisher; painter; former president of Marine Art Center; founder of Marine Diving, the first Japanese dive magazine, in 1969; held his first exhibition of underwater photos in 1957; founded the Marine Art Center in 1958; produced his first underwater film, Kaitei no Doubutsu (Underwater Animals), in 1959; designed the Tateishi Bronica underwater camera housing in 1966; author of 1,000 Hours of Underwater Filming in 1996; published the first artistic underwater nude photos; designed the Tateishi Canon Marine 16mm camera housing in 1975; founded Um to Shima no Tabi (Travel Diver Magazine) in 1978; founded I Love Diving magazine in 1983; founded Marine Photo magazine in 1988.

Honours and Awards:

International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (2004)


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