Underwater aging [Wine]

Last updated: December 7, 2017 at 4:11 am

The first bottles of premium wine Plavac Edivo were submerged off the Pelješac peninsula in Croatia in 2013. After aging the wine for three months, the bottles are placed upside down in a terracotta amphora to eliminate the risk of water contamination. The wine then ages underwater in Edivo Winery’s Pelješac aquatorium at a depth of 18-25 m in the for one to two years. The bottles cost up to $350 USD.

An earlier and unrelated experiment in France saw 600 bottles of Loire Valley wine (Anjou Village de Brissac-Quince) (300 white Burgundy and 300 Rhone Valley Crozes-Hermitage red) spend a year (2006-2007) submerged 10 m (30 ft) off the port of Solidor (Saint-Malo). Testers stated that the wine had better aged underwater than they would have in a cellar. The bottles were auctioned for the benefit of a French charity to feed the homeless, the Restaurant du Coeur, and the National Sea Rescue Society (SNSM).

Edivo Winery
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