Underwater artists every scuba diver should know!

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This ongoing series features a non-exhaustive selection of notable artists from all artistic mediums and nationalities.From true to life nature scenes to the surreal, these amazing underwater artists will make you dream of diving. Read their full biographies and discover hundreds more outstanding diving personalities in the Who’s Who chapter of the Diving Almanac & Book of Records.

Carlos Hiller

Carlos Hiller's underwater
landscapes on oil originate from
his diving experiences. He often
paints ‘live’ at shows to come
closer to the public. Carlos
communicates through art,
captivating his audience with
stories of underwater adventures
and simultaneously leaving an
educational message.


© Carlos Hiller

André Laban

André Laban is the world’s first
underwater painter. He holds world
records for most underwater paintings
and for being the deepest underwater
artist. He is also a musician,
a submersible pilot and one
of the world's first aquanauts
with Équipe Cousteau.


Pascal Lecocq

Pascal Lecocq is famous for
his paintings of divers in surreal
situations enveloped in remarkable
blue vistas. He holds a Doctorate
in Art from the University of Paris.
He is widely known as The Painter
of Blue.


© Pascal Lecocq

Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor
and environmentalist who created the
world’s first underwater sculpture park
in Grenada in 2006 followed by several
more underwater art museums with
collections of over 850 life-size public
works. His multi-disciplinarily sculptural
works explore modern themes of
conservation and
environmental activism.


© Jason deCaires Taylor


Wyland is a painter, sculptor,
photographer, writer, and an
advocate for marine resource
conservation. He has painted over 100
life size marine life murals all over the
world. Through his unique marine life
paintings, sculptures, and photography,
Wyland has inspired a generation about
the importance of marine life


Frank Nash Murdoch

Frank Murdoch was an
illustrator, an impressionist,
and an underwater painter.
He took part in a controlled
university experiment
studying the relationship
between LSD and creativity.
Most of his underwater
paintings were thus created
while under the influence.


© Frank Nash Murdoch

Simon Morris

Simon Morris is a sculptor from
British Columbia who created life
size bronze memorials and
mermaid sculptures for
Grand Cayman, BWI,
& British Columbia,
including the Emerald
Princess, Amphitrite,
and the Guardian.


© Simon Morris

Guy Harvey

Dr. Guy Harvey is a wildlife artist,
photographer, conservationist and
author. He is the founder of the
Guy Harvey Research Institute
(GHRI) at Nova Southeastern
University, and of the
Guy Harvey Ocean


© Guy Harvey Foundation

Jean-Louis Courteau

Jean-Louis Courteau is a painter, sculptor,
photographer and writer who finds his
inspiration while diving. He is also an
active archaeological conservationist
who has co-discovered several
submerged First Nations
artifacts in the lakes of
Québec's Laurentians.


© Jeffrey Gallant | Diving Almanac

Roger Swainston

Roger Swainston is an underwater
painter, naturalist and zoologist.
He has developed a method of
drawing underwater making raw
graphite drawings, and he has
illustrated numerous guidebooks
on the identification of fish
and other marine life.


© Roger Swainston

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