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The Diving Almanac’s Who’s Who is a compilation of hundreds of outstanding individuals, past and present, that have made a significant contribution to the world diving community. Although the Diving Almanac Who’s Who is not an award or a hall of fame, we acknowledge that many deserving and well-known people have inadvertently been overlooked.

The criteria for admission are based entirely on the exceptional accomplishments of the personalities and their time-tested and often lifelong devotion to the diving world.  Our list includes pioneers, explorers, scientists, inventors, award-winning photographers and writers, authors, commercial and military divers, conservationists, entrepreneurs, administrators and entertainers. Many have lead in their respective fields and countries for decades.

In order to respect the right to privacy of our Who’s Who, all of the information presented in their profiles was obtained from public sources or directly from the personality. We of course welcome and expect requests for modifications to current biographies that may be outdated or contain inaccuracies for which we apologise.

NOTE: The Diving Almanac Who’s Who is not a professional directory. Although we recognise that dive instructors play a fundamental role in the diving world, there are simply too many to include them in this list based solely on their teaching career. The same applies to underwater photographers.

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