Canada (1929-2015)

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Underwater cinematographer; writer; public speaker; Diving Director at Beach Gardens Resort (Powell River) in 1978; co-owner of Willoughby’s Divers Den with his wife Jody; ran the Can-Dive underwater exhibit at Expo ’86.

From Jim’s obituary | Vancouver Sun | April 4, 2015
Jim was born and raised in Salinas, California, the youngest of three brothers. He was an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast in his teen years and as a young man his passion turned to the underwater world. Jim immigrated to Canada in 1961 with his new wife Nancy (Jody) and her children Peggy and Jack. When he asked at the border where a good place to live was, he was told Lulu Island. An Island he thought, what better a place to live for a scuba diver! They lived in Richmond until 1978 when they made the move to Powell River after Jim was offered the position of Diving Director at the Beach Gardens Resort. Jim has made Powell River his home since that time. Jim’s talents as an underwater photographer, instructor and lecturer took him to many parts of the world. He and Jody were the owners of Willoughby’s Divers Den on West 4th Avenue for many years. A few of his many proud accomplishments were a visit from Prince Philip at the Jericho School for the Deaf where Jim was instructing, working with and meeting Jacques and Jean-Michel Cousteau while running the Can-Dive underwater exhibit at Expo ’86 and his involvement in the sinking of the Emerald Princess in Saltery Bay. Jim will be lovingly remembered by his family, his friends and many colleagues throughout the world.

Honours and Awards:

Ocean Pioneer Award (1996)


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